Friday, February 13, 2015

Love At Work: Connect to be more satisfied at work

In honor of Valentine's Day and what I have always called Love Month, I am holding a contest!  Research has shown that the more mindful a supervisor, the lower his or her employees' emotional exhaustion and higher their job satisfaction.  This is great!  However, there was one caveat.  When basic psychological needs, such as autonomy and connection with others, are not met, the employee can lose the benefits of having a mindful supervisor. 

So, I am giving you an opportunity to practice your mindfulness skills with your team and colleagues, but also to practice connecting with others.  This is what love at work is about.  It is not a romantic love or fluffy, hairy fairy stuff.  It is being human, being compassionate, and connecting with people.  And the outcome can be higher engagement, more creativity, improved productivity, higher retention, and generally happier employees.  If nothing else, you have an opportunity to get to know the people you work with on a deeper level.

The Contest:

Post on my Facebook Page that you have done something to connect with another person in your workplace each day of the contest, which begins today (Feb. 13th) and ends on Feb. 28th.  Your name will be put into a draw as many times as you post.  The prize is a 1-year subscription to Mindful Magazine and a free coaching session with me:) 

Suggestions for connecting:
  • Smile at someone at work whom you do not usually smile at.
  • Write a thank-you note to someone who has helped you at work.
  • Give your manager/boss/supervisor/mentor a compliment about his/her leadership.
  • Give an employee a compliment about his/her work.
  • Listen to someone who needs to be listened to.  Give your 100% attention.  Set everything aside for at least 5 minutes to just listen.
  • Identify three things you love about your work and share them with someone you work with.  Ask them to share what they love about work with you.
  • Sit with someone for lunch whom you do not typically sit with.  Ask them about their life.
  • Ask someone at work to walk with you at lunch.
  • Strike a committee to identify how you can shift your culture to be more compassionate.
  • Allow someone at work to be right - even if you think you are right and they are wrong.  Tell them they are right.
What else can you think of?  Share your ideas and the impact this has in your workplace on my Facebook page... and Share the love with others by sharing this blog or Facebook post.



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