Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Why Entrepreneurs Need a Coach

Let's face it, entrepreneurs can be wild about their dreams.

Yes, indeed, we will go to great lengths to not only dream, but make them come true.  Add to that the fact that we have idea after idea after idea, which makes our daily 'routine' almost impossible to stick to.  The result can be, at a minimum, lack of focus and spinning our wheels.  Or it could lead to burnout or throwing in the towel before the towel needs to be thrown.

Our passion drives our success.  But it can also drive our failure.  Our failures drive our success.  But they can also wear us down.

It's a vicious cycle.  Entrepreneurs can get very excited about a new project, and that can catapult it to growth and success.  However, without poise, focus, and consistent effort, that same project can fail.

I have been there.  I am a Coach and I have been there.  I'm a natural entrepreneur, and my ideas whirl. all. the. time.  It takes a lot of work to be focused.  It takes a lot of mental coaching to be consistent and stick with something.

Not only do we need to be focused and consistent, but we get beaten down a lot, and we need a way to rise to the top anyway.  This is one of the most important things my coaches have done for me.

I have had several coaches in my business, all of which have helped me out.  But the best coach I've had was my Executive Coach who held the space for me, allowed me to say what I had to say, and then helped me rise to the top (the 'top' is whatever the top is for you at that time).  She and I have had some time apart from our coaching, and that is why I can say this with confidence.  I have not had her coaching in some time, and I need her back.  My business needs her back.  And, so, she is coming back:)

My point is, though, that entrepreneurs need a coach as much as they need financial or marketing guidance.

We have days when we feel unsupported.  A coach gives support.  We have days when we have crazy (aka not feasible) ideas.  A coach pushes us to massage the idea to make it feasible - or release it and stay focused.  We have days when we are afraid - afraid to speak our truth, afraid to take the next step, afraid of success.  A coach listens with non-judgement and helps identify and face those fears.  We have days when things feel like they will fall apart.  A coach will allow you to sit in the chaos for a bit and then help you move through it so you can put the pieces back together and move forward.  We have days when we feel alone.  A coach gives you someone to talk to - she is on your team.

Yes, a coach will reel you in when you are scattered and hold you accountable when you are out of integrity and be a sounding board for your ideas.  But most importantly, a coach helps you rise to the top.  And let's face it, entrepreneurs can sometimes to be too wild about their dreams to do that alone.

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  1. I absolutely agree of course. We all need a coach. Great article Tina.