Wednesday, November 7, 2012


A few months ago I was texting my friend and she responded to something saying 'word.'  It struck me.  Then I heard a few other people use it in the same way.  It meant... 'I agree.'  After some research, I learned that 'word' is a shortened phrase US prisoners used to mean 'to speak the truth.'  I also remember hearing it in church as a young girl... "This is the word."

My company, Pomroy Consulting
(, has a mission to raise the consciousness of organizations and society.  Consciousness is a complex topic.  Simply put, it means "being sufficiently aware of how experiences are related to attempt to manage change from a basis of understanding." (

So it makes sense to begin our journey together here on Company OM with talking about speaking our truth.

We often shy away from speaking our truth in fear of being criticized or ridiculed - I know I have.  I've struggled with being open with my inner truths.  In fact, I've struggled with determining what they are... and I still do.  It's a journey.  It's a journey that is not only about physically speaking your truth, but also acting your truth.

Speaking your truth does not mean you are right.  Criticism does not mean you are wrong.  A good debate, full of respect and self-awareness, can create the best solutions and even change strong opinions.  Releasing thoughts, opinions, and actions into the world can create an evolution of our thoughts, opinions, and actions into something even greater.

This is not unlike organizations.  An organization that knows, speaks, and acts its truth is more effective than one that does not.  These truths are integrated throughout the organization in its processes, culture, and relationships.  The most successful organizations evolve their truths as they learn and grow, and they have a greater impact on society, people, and, yes, sales.  What is your organization's truth?



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  2. Tina, great Blog....Self Awareness both for the individual and organization will bring success.