Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Mechanic with the Broken Car

You know the story about the mechanic who has a broken car?  Well, yesterday I was the mechanic.  I teach people how to be more conscious.  To have a higher emotional intelligence.  To breathe in the good and out the bad.  To create clarity from the beginning of a project or task.  And yesterday, I did not listen to me!

As soon as a colleague forced a change onto me - mostly because of unclear expectations in the beginning - I reacted instantaneously with defensiveness.  I found several reasons why I could not make that change as requested.  Then I realized I was being completely unconscious.  If I didn't stop this twirling into oblivion (OK, it wasn't that bad:), I was going to not only probably lose a job, but also reduce my own reputation on something I teach!  Whoa!

I switched my line of thought and gave my ego a talking to.  It's all good now.  I've opened the way to something different, and maybe better.  I've allowed flow into my world.  And I did it because I was AWARE of my unconsciousness.

This is my challenge to you today.  Allow flow into your world.  We all have unconscious moments (some last longer than others).  And we all have the ability to redirect the thoughts and attitude and open to the possibility of a greater opportunity.

When you feel physical signs of anxiety or anger, frustration or overwhelm, you are out of flow.  If you allow the physiological symptoms to continue, you could reach levels of unconscious that become irrational.  Pay attention to your physiological symptoms and when they start to show signs of anxiety or other out of flow emotions, change your thoughts.  Ask yourself: what if you allow this option to happen?  What opportunities could arise?  Have a risk assessment and plan in place if necessary, but be open to flow and allowing things to naturally occur.  And be OK with someone else being right.


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