Friday, May 3, 2013

These Shoes Were (NOT) Made for Walkin': 30 Days to Higher Performance Through Nature

Day 2.  I was up late last night putting final details on a facilitation I was delivering this morning.  I didn't really plan my 30 minutes of nature into my day since I was focused on the morning session and then getting other work goals met this afternoon.  It's definitely not an established habit yet.

After my morning session and grabbing a bite to eat (trying to do 'clean eating' - another challenge) I hopped in my car to go to a coffee shop and write.  Then I realized I would not be able to get my 30 minutes of nature in without my toddler if I didn't do it before the end of my work day.... but I have a work suit and dress shoes on!

I sat in my car wondering what to do... go home and change my clothes?  But I have another meeting later.  Get my sneakers?  But time is of the essence.... so I decided to get with nature with my dress shoes and work suit. I quickly concluded that my goal here is a daily dose of connection - and I can do that no matter what type of clothes I'm wearing.

I found one of my favorite trails in the middle of the city.  It has a resting place along the way next to a babbling brook.  You feel 100 miles away from the city - but you're right in the middle of it.  It's one of the beautiful things about living in my city.  I was happy the resting spot wasn't too far along the trail because I quickly realized these shoes were NOT made for walking!

I was forced to walk a little slower and for a shorter distance.  In order to fulfill my 30 minute commitment, I would have to just sit at the resting place.  And I did.

While I sat, my mind whirled.  I can't help it.  I really did chant for a few minutes and just listened to the babbling brook and chirping birds.  That made ideas come even faster.  So I allowed them to come and I allowed them to leave.  A few stuck.

  1. A challenge is something that challenges YOU.  I get out in nature.  I love it and consider myself an outdoorsy person.  So this 30x30 challenge is not just about enjoying nature for me.  It's getting a dose of it every single day - no matter what (dress shoes or not).  John Maxwell practices the "Rule of 5" - five activities you do every single day that are fundamental to your success.  I believe connecting with nature is one of my "Rule of 5".
  2. Exercise is important.  Connecting is different.  I need to do both.  Separately.  (I did squeeze my butt cheeks while walking nevertheless:)  I will combine the two at times.  But there is value in doing each alone.
  3. I need this for me.  I can bring my toddler out with me and have a nature walk or go for a hike with my teen or hubby.  But my challenge and my need is to connect.  Alone.  It improves my ability to serve others in work and life.
  4. Leaders need this.  The best leaders lead themselves first.  How can you lead yourself without calming the mind and finding that powerful place from which you lead?  Lead self.  Lead others. Create leaders.  That's what a leader does.

I also became a little more clear on my own business vision.  That alone was an amazing thing for me at this juncture in my business (less than a year old).

Your challenge?  Go visit nature and if you're boots/shoes are not made for walkin', just sit... or change your shoes.


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