Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Got Calm?

Leaders and managers are faced with a plethora of demands on a daily basis.  When one problem is solved, two more are created.  When a project is delivered, a new one begins.  The future of business needs to be assessed while day-to-day operations take place... and sometimes past errors need to be fixed.  It's an endless amount of work.  And it can cause stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and negative results or emotions.

Bringing mindfulness to your day to day interactions and decisions increases your calm.  Even in a crazy, fast-paced, results-driven environment, you can have calm.  It takes practice.  But when you learn and implement a mindful way of relating to people, making decisions, managing your time, and creating your future, you will experience higher productivity, greater innovation, fewer conflicts, less turnover, greater happiness, and the list goes on.

Imagine a work environment where meetings flow smoothly, negativity is effectively shifted to possibility, difficult situations are overcome easily, everyone is working towards a common vision, and performance is high.  Increasing the mindfulness in your organization can bring you that environment.

Where do you begin?  It starts with a commitment to being more mindful as a leader or manager.  Once you make that commitment, practicing new techniques will form habits that will change your world.  Here's a good place to start... take 10 minutes each day to sit.  Do nothing else but sit.  When a thought comes to you, acknowledge it (there's a thought) and let it go.  Yes.  Meditate:)  It's the first step to becoming more mindful and creating calm at work and in your life.

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