Friday, May 2, 2014

Dance Through the Laundry

I work from home.  Sometimes on Fridays I take an hour or two out of my workday to do house/personal stuff…. Run errands, fix the broken screen, tidy the toys, clean the dishes… or do laundry.

I don’t really enjoy laundry.  I stick it in the washer and dryer no problem, but I end up with mounds of clean clothes and towels at the end of the week, and I’m not too fussy about folding it all.  So I blast the music and dance while I fold.  It can be one of the most enjoyable times in my day, and I’m totally pumped to get more work done afterwards (I just finished folding five loads and am finally getting to the blog!).

I have been a dancer my entire life, although I haven’t always taken classes.  I have been known to incorporate dance into my workshops and team meetings.  Yeah, I’m one of those people.  But, really… everyone is always more energized afterwards.

So I thought…. Why not incorporate dance breaks into your work day?  It really doesn’t matter where you are or what you do.  You just have to get a song on your phone these days and start moving.  People smile and laugh, release endorphins, get the blood flowing, and tend to get focused on the moment.  Yes… get focused on the moment…. Get mindful.

I worked with a client who had laughing breaks in their workplace daily – love that idea too!  Why not dance?  Imagine the lady holding the road sign dancing while you passed?  Imagine the customer service clerk having a little shake while he answered the phone?  Imagine getting your team together for a little boogie mid-day to remember to laugh, dance, and enjoy this moment? 

The rewards go beyond having fun, being healthy, or ramping up your energy.  Getting back to the moment through movement can also lessen stress and improve creativity.  The next time you or your team are stuck on a decision or conflict is rising... dance through the laundry.

Dance on!

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