Thursday, September 18, 2014

Walk Your Dog, Not Work Like a Dog

Earlier today while on my nature walk, I passed a former colleague who's been retired for three years.  We had a lovely little catch-up and one of the topics we chatted about was that he still enjoys being actively involved in projects, but he wants to do only the work he enjoys and, more importantly, he wants to spend time with his loved ones, live the life he wants, and walk his dog... because you never know when your day is up.  His friend recently passed away.  He had just retired and was only 62 years old.  He led a healthy life, had worked like a dog his whole life, and was just about to begin enjoying his cottage.

And I said... that's why I do what I do.  

I want people to enjoy their work.  I want businesses to succeed, and I get a huge sense of satisfaction when I see an entrepreneur flourish in business or when a team leader truly inspires his or her team.  But, underlying all of that, I want people to be well and live life now and not wait for retirement to enjoy life and live their dream.  When entrepreneurs flourish and team leaders inspire, it trickles into the PEOPLE contributing, being engaged, and being well.  Because business is not a successful business without contributing, engaged, and well people.  Period.

Work is simply a part of living life.  Almost everyone needs to do it to pay the bills.  However, it does not have to be meaningless, mundane, or stressful.  And it does not have to eat up the other areas of your life.

Work can be one of the greatest contributions you give when the workplace has a culture designed to cultivate that and the individual has the mindset to live the dream now.

A workplace culture that nourishes mindfulness, mindful leadership, and individual growth and development can make even the most mundane task feel meaningful.  It can also make the present moment be the dream that you are living.  That is not to say you don't have other dreams and goals... but you can be living your 'now dream' when you live and work on purpose.

Whether you are a team leader, a front-line worker, or an entrepreneur, don't wait for retirement to live your life.  Work is part of your life and can be used to cultivate your dreams and nurture your wellness.  Begin to shift your perspective from work is so much work to work can be the way you fulfill your dreams and aspirations.


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