Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Do You Need a Coach?

Do you have a coach?  Do you know what a coach can do for you?  Do you know what a coach does?  What the heck is a coach anyway?

Everyone's heard of a baseball coach, a hockey coach, or a tennis coach.  And now a new coach is on the block - an executive coach or leadership coach.  The role of all coaches are similar, really.

Like a sport coach, a business-related coach's role is to build a leader's self-reliance and help him or her handle his or her own problems and challenges.  A coach provides the tools and skills for managing the mind, managing time and priorities, and building leadership skills so that the leader does not depend on the coach.

A sport coach will create team spirit, individual leadership ability, and self confidence and commitment to be a better player.  Imagine a national sports team without a coach.  How do you think the team would perform?  Now, imagine a little league team without a coach.  What would it look like?  Chaotic?  Full of conflict?  Lack vision and team cohesion?  A business coach brings these things too - regardless of the size and nature of the business or organization.

A business or leadership coach helps a leader when he or she:

  • has difficulty managing his or her own time or projects
  • has difficulty managing others
  • is having a challenge working cohesively with someone else
  • has been promoted to a new position and now needs to lead former peers
  • has a disengaged team and needs greater influence and a more empowered team
  • feels stuck
A business and leadership coach will give you the tools to be yourself, get aligned, and lead with power and passion.  One must lead him or herself first and then create other leaders for high performance.  In order to continue to grow and develop as a person and as a leader, we face challenges.  That's how we grow.  The best leaders have coaches to help them move through the challenges.  

If you feel like you need more time in the day to get everything done or feel that your team is not as engaged as they need to be for success, try using a coach!  The benefits far outweigh the costs when you get the right coach for you and your organization.

Tina Pomroy is a Mastermind Executive Coach with a Master of Business Administration and Canadian Human Resources Professionals certification.  Using a values-based system and mindfulness approach,.she provides leaders, business owners, and managers coaching and mentoring to create high performance environments.  

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