Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Is the Workplace a Place for Mindfulness?

Some might ask, "What does mindfulness have to do with productivity and business success?"  People that already practice mindfulness might respond, "Everything."

Mindfulness is a moment by moment awareness of how your actions, words, and behaviors impact yourself, others, and the environment around you.  Contrary to some beliefs, you do not have to be dressed in an orange robe chanting in the mountains to be mindful.  Nor does it simply mean meditation.  It is your way of being in life, at work, around others, when you're alone.  And it greatly impacts your health, relationships, and success.

Do you believe your work is part of your life?  It usually takes up almost 1/3 of our life.  Yet, so many people dread Mondays and watch the calendar for Fridays.  Five out of seven days of the week - gone.  Life is too short to not love your Mondays.  Would you LIKE to be happy and healthy - always?  Would you like for your team and the people around you to LIKE coming to work?

One of the key roles of a manager is to create an environment for his or her team to be productive, innovative, and self-sufficient.  Companies spend big bucks on training for reducing waste and improving productivity.  But without the right environment, it's all a waste!

Mindful management can help create the environment for a team to be driven, passionate, productive, and creative.  A mindful environment will cultivate the transfer of new skills and improve adaptability when the internal or external environment changes.  Mindfulness reduces stress, which is a huge contributor to health issues - which impact the workplace.  Mindfulness can help an organization get rid of gossip, align a team's thinking with the company's vision, and reduce complaining and other negative behaviors in the workplace.

So, yes, the workplace is the place for mindfulness.

My  mission is to contribute to creating a mindful world where acceptance is the norm, individual strengths are nurtured, and happiness is attained through action and contribution.  Our workplaces need to be mindful in order to have this world and life.  Our managers and leaders need to lead the way.

How can you be more mindful today and lead others to be the same?


Tina Pomroy is launching the Mindful Management Program starting this Fall and offering a 50% discount.  To be the change you want to see, contact Tina at tina@pomroy.ca. 

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