Monday, August 5, 2013

The Buddha in Business

A few people have questioned my use of 'Business Buddha' in my programs.  So, I had to question it myself.  Do I really want to use that term - Buddha?  Does it turn away my clients?  Does it portray something I'm not?

For now, I'm keeping it.  And here's why....

Indeed, Buddhism is a religion and my programs have nothing to do with religion.  However, the word Buddhism comes from 'budhi', which means 'to awaken'.  In today's world, Buddhism can also mean a way of being, rather than simply a religion.  That way of being is to be aware and mindful of your thoughts and actions and develop understanding and wisdom.

Taking these concepts to business can shift challenges into success and create happier, more productive work environments.

We often get lost in the day to day and lose sight of what is truly important and how we can ease conflicts and frustrations.  Business managers and leaders are faced with decisions and work overload and responsibility on top of their day to day activities.  When they are acting and making decisions that are not mindful, it creates a ripple effect in their teams, organizations, customers, and all stakeholders.  It creates arguments, mistakes, resentment, gossip, poor performance, loss of customers, negative publicity, and the list goes on.  Thinking and behaving mindfully can reverse all of this.

I focus on leaders and managers because they are the catalysts in their organizations and groups.  They lead the way.  Effective leaders create leaders, and they will create leaders similar to them.  Imagine a workplace where leaders cultivate other mindful employees.  Responding to customer inquiries becomes easier.  Collaboration soars.  Change will flow more easily.  New programs will be implemented without so much drama attached to them.  AND, people go home to their families happy.

And that's what my Business Buddha Program can do for you.  We take your business and people challenges and shift your thinking about them.  We create solutions to catapult your organization and team in the right direction.  We do it by using mindfulness and understanding.

This is not the soft, fluffy side of business.  This is business done right.  I'm pretty sure most would consider Google to be a successful organization.  Google is just one business that uses mindfulness as a business strategy.  And it's working.


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